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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

How About Some Good News?

I don't have any good economic news, but a new study is out claiming that high blood caffeine levels are correlated with not developing Alzheimer's in older adults:
Researchers from the University of South Florida and the University of Miami say the case control study provides the first direct evidence that caffeine/coffee intake is associated with a reduced risk of dementia or delayed onset. Their findings will appear in the online version of an article to be published June 5 in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. The collaborative study involved 124 people, ages 65 to 88, in Tampa and Miami. 

 "These intriguing results suggest that older adults with mild memory impairment who drink moderate levels of coffee -- about 3 cups a day -- will not convert to Alzheimer's disease -- or at least will experience a substantial delay before converting to Alzheimer's," said study lead author Dr. Chuanhai Cao, a neuroscientist at the USF College of Pharmacy and the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute. "The results from this study, along with our earlier studies in Alzheimer's mice, are very consistent in indicating that moderate daily caffeine/coffee intake throughout adulthood should appreciably protect against Alzheimer's disease later in life." 
Go for it, baby!  Just slurp the precious, life-giving fluid down.

I too have good news!

Shame on me.
As a side note, I think the urban dictionary is proof that the end times are here.
Mark, the urban dictionary is a frightening beast slouching toward Babylon, to be sure.

But your comment poses a far more pressing question - have you not gone to bed yet, or have you gotten up extremely early?

And what, more generally, does this disturbance in the sleep force involve?

And what, more generally, does this disturbance in the sleep force involve?

One part night owl.
One part employment report.
One part 0.0% 20-Year TIPS.

I am very concerned that we may slip into the next recession with 8%+ unemployment.
I haven't seen much in the way of job loss out here yet but folks sure do seem to be moving a lot.
Let's hear it for productivity juice!

I dread the possibility of Alzheimer's in family members, but it doesn't scare me personally. When I succumb and start forgetting things, nobody will even notice a difference.
Neil - we call that "concentration". My poor Chief - when I am really working, it makes him terribly nervous because it looks so much like my veggie days.

If the onset of Alzheimer's could be delayed even two years on average, it would save the US billions in health care costs a year. Especially in the elderly.

If there is any possibility that this finding is true, it's a big deal.

There are also some promising findings for tobacco components, but that's so controversial that it cannot be admitted.
"3 cups a day keeps senility away." It's going to be fun watching the PSAs for that one, especially with the direction that government food recommendations have been heading.
A twinkie per day keeps the "sheet rock" at bay.

(I have no idea why I am not hired on as a marketing executive.)
M_O_M, hopefully it's a good clue to chase down more-powerful means of arresting the development of Alzheimer's. I remember reading recently about some experiments that suggested it might be possible even to reverse it!
First: 124 people is a ridiculously small sample to be generalizing from
especially for a biological variable.
Second consider the number of wildly
variant studies that have come out
over the years with opposing opinions in medical journals and dump a very
generous helping of salt on a study such as this. Once you get to 10k to 50k subjects there may be a trend.
Nonsense! This study tells me exactly what I want to hear, and is therefore statistically valid.
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