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Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, Really?

This is from BEA. Corporate profits compared to compensation paid to employees:

"Profits" here are adjusted for taxes/inventory/capital consumption, but honestly they have to be.  

Another way to look at it is in BEA Table 1.11, which lists everything as a percentage of national income. Git yo' NIPA Tables here.

Even Snarky Mark can be wrong - sometimes.  


I can be wrong! I went for bonehead when I should have gone for adjusted bonehead. ;)

She's indeed making the turn!

US Navy WW2 Benjamin Submarine Diving Alarm Horn
Here is the update to my post.
I'm staring at the new chart in despair.

Let's not stop there though. Let's look at the quarter over quarter growth.

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We are moving towards a satellite economy, which requires less brick and mortar labor, and more customer service.

Now factor in companies that don't offer customer service at all, companies such as facebook and google come to mind, they probably have a hand in the increasing gap between profits and employee benefits.

Can the types of companies in the graph be split into brick and mortar companies versus satellite economy companies?

Example, a car company is still brick and mortar, but any company that relies on a satellite to transmit their service or product probably has less overhead overall and stands to make higher profits.

Also, what about the companies that go under, should they not be included as the negative aspect to the charts?

The winners make larger profits, the losers lose, bringing the overall profit gap down, no?
How is the compensation being distributed in most companies ? Hourly workers pay down, upper management
pay up. Wealth divide.
Here is yet another version that should more closely match the data within your post.

Same basic story. Same basic conclusions. Sound the diving alarm. Sigh.
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