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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

This Is For You, Bro

This is the ultimate call-your-sister-up-late-at-night-DNC-voice. Note the trace of lisp? Really getting this one down should greatly increase your hit rate. 

Note the impressive rhetoric and the stunningly logical exposition:

Now Sis,

Your just upset that I got you...

You fell for it

You took the bait:

hook line and sinker

I will however take notes for future sister torture
Is that really your brother?

The security code on this post was Thistid, with a lithp.
Mr. Sensitive is a sib. The poor guy in the videos is most definitely not Mr. Sensitive.

Mr. Sensitive has been known to harass his siblings by calling them pretending to be other people. Apparently the "women's" appeal campaign by the Obama gamesters this spring pushed one of his buttons, because he called me up (several times, because I hung up firmly) demanding that I fund the DNC because I am a woman and every woman has to support the Dems or she will be raped and beaten by Rethuglicans. It was one of his happier moments in life, because I had been sleeping when he called, and so he managed a few highly sensitive sentences before he cracked up.

But he thinks he has it down, and he doesn't. This guy has it down.
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