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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Truth Will Set You Free

I've been reading DU GD, sort of laughing about the Walker threads. They're so surprised! 

However, in this one, reality emerges:
OP: looks like Barrett only got the Union vote (and their friends maybe)
6. 39% of union families were FOR Walker. 
Remember that. These are the foolish "Reagan Democrats" otherwise known as useful idiots, dupes and masochists.
 Or union members who just want to ensure that they have retirement benefits.

Boycott WI! Americans are lily-white morons!


6. 39% of union families were FOR Walker.

%#%&# math teachers!
Charles - one tiny, subtle math-related clue as to the inevitable result of this election was missed by Trained Journalists - the massive drop in WI dues-paying members. Link.

It seems as if the younger ones and the more rural ones could see that the end was nigh, and didn't want to be stuck with the results. The union leadership was massively hurt by Walker's deeds. It is not clear that the rank and file of younger union members were hurt at all, and at least some of them were significantly helped.
Pensions with the most problems in Wisconsin are the municipal ones. Walker exemted police and firefighters. Police and firefighters retire soonest and claim the most disability. Police and firefighters cover 168 hours a week. His policies made little sense to anyone smart enought to read this blog.

As I've said before (either here or elsewhere) we are just beginning to see the 40-50 year reign of the baby-boomer voting bloc start to noticeably shrink. They aren't making any more baby boomers and retirements, illnesses, and deaths are going to continue to chip away at their significance. We're going to first notice this in northern states. (All possible draining of voting opposition to lower-tax states is complete; the only drain left is union pensioners moving to warmer climes or kicking the bucket.)
Walker exemted police and firefighters....His policies made little sense to anyone smart enought to read this blog.

Divide and conquer.

Police and Fire unions have been selling the yet-to-be-hired down the river. In ten years those union ranks will have a majority of their members NOT getting the big benefits the longer-term members got and those older "fat cats" are going to get their "sold down the river" comeuppance.
But firefighters and police are always special cases.

First, of course they have high disability. I can have arthritis and function. But no one would want to have me responding to a fire trying to get a victim out of a burning house.

They have to be retired early, because as they age most of them become incapable of doing their jobs at much earlier ages than the standard government worker. So their retirements can't be funded the same way.

Their medical costs are different and higher.

Military, cops and firefighters all have to be retired early in most functions.
Regarding the union-splitting:

Hey, it's not as if this hasn't been happening all over. That's part of the problem, and part of the reason that the younger union members may be voting against the older members.

All too many of these "unions" have created a situation in which two or three tiers now exist, and the younger ones are getting an extremely raw deal. I come from a union background, and I have been shocked at what unions have become.

It's supposed to be collective bargaining, but it really isn't any more. And in some cases, the union leadership gets huge kickbacks from the companies used for benefits. There's a lot of dirty dealing going on in a bunch of ways.

There are very well-run public unions and very rotten ones, and you can't lump them all together.

When a union becomes a special-interest group bargaining for the interest of only a portion of its membership, it's not a union any more.

So don't come crying "union" at me. I remember what the word is supposed to mean.
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