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Monday, July 30, 2012

But He Does Not Have A Chance In Hell

At reelection. Our president.

These are graphs of unemployment measures. The red and orange lines are teen  and new entrants. 

The green and blue lines are nominal and 20 years and over. 

This graph shows how historically high they are this far away from the end of a recession.

This is the graph of the same measures since the beginning of President Obama's term.

And he keeps giving self-congratulatory speeches? Brilliant policy, but I didn't explain to you dumb asses enough about how brilliant it was, it worked, but you are just too dumb to know it, the private sector is doing fine, etc. 

This is a lot of human suffering we are looking at, and Obama doesn't seem to realize that it exists. All of these measures are worse than when he took office. He does not make a case for a solution or seem to have a plan to redress the situation. 

This is the graph of the "big 2", and not only are they worse than at the start of his term, they aren't even going in the right direction!  

Female head of household looks even worse. 

I have changed the red and orange lines so that they now represent unemployment among females who maintain families (orange), and wholesale/retail private unemployment. 

People have always found him likeable, but that doesn't pay your rent or your mortgage or feed you or give you hope for the future. He is running a terrible campaign, and it certainly looks like the reason is that he is so encased in the warm, loving embrace of a mutual admiration society.

And now we get cries of "racism"? No, no, no.

That on-going recession out there, "I didn't build that" that's George's Bush's fault.
Good one, Brian.

As for Obama, I'm not ready to count him out. Romney shows great skill rubbing elbows with large donors, but his election experience is pretty thin: lost a "close" one to Ted K, and coasted into the Gov-ship based on the SLC Olympics. Meh.

Through the whole primary he inspired absolutely no one. He pretty much won by default against a bunch of kooks and weirdos. Even now he's out glad-handling foreign heads of state instead of being at home connecting with voters and hammering Obama over jobs. While it wouldn't surprise me if Israel has a couple delegates in the electoral college, I rather doubt UK or Poland get any.
Of course he has a chance of re-election. You can't beat nothing with less than nothing.
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I just checked out my boyfriend's Facebook posts. This is the guy that was so very Obama when we met 4 years ago. He's now posting stuff about Fast and Furious and countering all those pro-Obama posts from his liberal friends. I can't claim credit for it because he used to run a business and can see what the current business climate is like. If there are more Obama supporters having similar conversions, Obama may be in worse shape than he thinks.
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