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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hope Is On The Way?

As I have noted, the ability of the Fed to jumpstart the consumer side of the economy is approximately 1 with a negative multiplier of 2.

But now our genius technocrats have a new option - they can simply have all the owners of all the hurting businesses express their support for traditional marriage (although not many of them will be able to state that they are still with their first wives), followed by outraged invective against said businesses by all the mayors of the fiscally unstable cities, and then maybe this will happen, and WE'LL ALL BE SAVED. Think of the sales taxes generated!

Heck, it's as good a plan as anything else I've heard.  Note the location - Northridge, CA. You can't blame this one on the Southern Baptists. 

As a wild guess, I would suspect that many of these desperate chicken fiends are responding to civil rights concerns of the First Amendment variety, and many more are simply rebelling against nannyism of the Bloomberg no-big-gulp variety. Whatever else is involved would be minor - protests for something draw far more action than protests against something. You are not going to generate these kinds of lines in support of  homophobia. 

The, um, ?buycott? has probably gotten a lot of businessmen thinking, though.

If you are interested at all, the funniest, strangest thing about all this is that Cathay's comment re traditional marriage is really focused on heterosexual issues, and anyone who has any actual familiarity with this strain of Christianity will realize it. Chastity before marriage, no divorce - ah, hah. That's the bit about first wives! Get it?

Same sex marriage is so far out of the ballpark that Cathay's remarks didn't refer to it. Nor do Cathay's remarks refer to legal issues - they refer to personal choices, not what laws society should pass, and they are a call to better heterosexual behavior.

This brand of Christianity knows it is out of the mainstream, and embraces the call to be in this world but not of it. It doesn't expect to prevail legally.

In other words, the chain is not open on Sundays, but doesn't campaign to make other businesses close on Sundays. Same for marriage. Divorce except in cases of adultery is out, but that's a personal message, not a legal campaign.

The culture gap here is so huge that it says something about us, and especially about the outrage community and its minions in the press.
No surprise there. In a fascist state, living by one's own conscience is not acceptable. One must live by the state's creed.

I find it amusing that the hippies' accusations of "fascism" turned out to be true, though not perhaps in the way they imagined in 1968.

I'll ask again--where are all the cool kids moving to if things don't turn around soon?
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