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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh, So Romney Wants the Campaign To Be About Something?

That was my reaction to the news of Ryan as Veep. 

It changes my view of Romney! If he really wants to talk.... 

Update: Iowahawk sums it up:
Paul Ryan represent[s] Obama's most horrifying nightmare: math.  
Funniest commenter reaction over at IMAO
I will give Romney props for more physical bravery than I thought he had, unlike Biden, Paul Ryan is definitely not assassination insurance.
That would make a great bumper sticker, wouldn't it? "Paul Ryan - Not assassination insurance."

DU is workin' hard to get the hate out. So far:
Bow-hunting .
OMG, it's a plot!  
The "Apocalypse Now" thread. Sample:
43. From what I have seen posted here about Romney and Ryan 
If some how they come to power, there will be no future for the United States. It will end with the tiny whimper of some poor sap, being sucked down into the bowls of the earth, as the rest of the world, tries to stop the evil from spreading, and Romney, Ryan and rich friends will be happily dining off the ashes.
And my fave.

Now we get to find out exactly how much power the legacy media still has. Ryan doesn't fit the Narrative at all. Or rather, he fits the Narrative perfectly--as the antagonist.
I thought Ryan would be a good choice. He's an impressive speaker and can articulate why we need to make drastic changes in entitlement. The Dems of course will talk about how he wants to kill Medicare, without talking about how Obamacare does the same thing. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I'm still amazed that we are going to have an election in which we try to discuss the issues. In which we treat the electorate as adults?

It really does make me think better of Romney.

Neil - yes, you're right. He's like a rattlesnake in a cage of mice.
Evidently someone must have advised Romney that it's better to be hung for being a wolf than for being a sheep. If you're going to have the Ryan budget hung around your neck in negative fashion by the legacy media anyway, you might as well pick Ryan and have someone who can articulately state the case for it.

A question by way of an anectdote. I attended a bachelor party last weekend for an old fraternity brother. About 26 of us, from all over the US, met up about 10 years after graduating college. I noticed something: those of us who got degrees in the "academic trades" (engineering, hard science, accounting, etc) were doing very well. Those who got humanities and social science degrees were struggling. A couple (including a lawyer) were behind on their student loans.

This is a scenario being played out across the US. And yet, the lemmings keep marching to college for degrees in sociology, journalism, etc, even as the employers of such folks (media, government, etc) contract. And the price of this product, despite the huge glut of table-waiting psych majors, rises at 7% a year.

Now, with subprime loans the bubble burst when lenders started collapsing under the weight of their bad debt. Since student loans are a government business, and the government can print money, how will this bubble burst? Any thoughts?
It bursts when enough people get wise and refuse to enslave themselves for a degree in barista studies. No more fat tuition payments, no more bubble.

With artificially low interest rates and loan forgiveness/deferment schemes, that may be a long time coming.
Anonymous - we've made student loans into a government business, so when the government runs out of money, so will the loans. That's going to happen a lot sooner than you think.

It doesn't have to be everyone, just enough potential students eschewing that liberal arts degree in favor of a welding school. Given the way administrative overhead proliferated during the fat years, it won't take much of a decrease in revenue to force a major re-think.
Interesting comments today in the blogosphere. All those people that have been crying that Social Security won't be there for them are now saying it's all Paul Ryan's fault. I also love the folks that don't understand that entitlements are a larger part of the budget than military spending. And that we had more folks apply for disabitiy than jobs created last quarter.
Anon - I have done a great deal of thinking about the student loan bubble.

I think what's going to happen is that it's going to break at the student level. Younger people are getting more and more worried about debt. As they see older siblings and friends of friends graduate with a lot of debt and no better job prospects than they have without taking on that debt, they'll slowly adapt.

But in my view the whole higher education establishment in this country is fighting a desperate rearguard action against that reality. They won't go down without a fight.

Most of the kids going to college can't cut the harder disciplines. The value of a piece of paper saying you have a degree is plummeting. That reality won't change.
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