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Friday, August 31, 2012

Regarding the Whole RNC Thing

Almost any other personal reaction I might have had was overwhelmed by the extreme surprise I felt over the push by the Dem spinsters to label Romney as "extreme". Whatever he is, he is not extreme. It's almost as if they pulled out the playbook they'd prepared for Huckabee if he had won the nomination and tried to execute it.

Romney was a two-term governor of Massachusetts, and the state is not exactly hard-core conservative. But to read through the Dem talking points earlier this week, one would have thought that Romney spent two MA terms presiding over the regular monthly public burnings on the Boston Commons of birth-control-using women, lesbians, divorced couples, and witches, of course. 

Anyway, this phase of electioneering has marked a new insulting low for women delivered at the hands of the feminists, and I'm sulking quietly about it. Oh, for the halcyon days when the woman's movement was all about proclaiming that women are NOT their vaginas. It seems a very, very long time ago. Now it seems that not only do all true women march around screaming about their vaginas if not wearing large replicas of them, but that voting your vagina is the ONLY way to vote. 

How far we've regressed!

The republican pandering to women at the convention was really lame. Mrs. Romney declared that single moms held the country together, instead of leading to a long term decline. Chris Christie declared his Sicilian mom was the dominatrix of the family when he grew up and his father, still living was just going along for the ride. If I was his father that would be the last time I hear my son’s voice, the fat prick. Rubio came across as a narcissistic twat. All the speakers were droning one about how nice Romney was and other such nonsense. Very little realistic discussion about the financial problems we faced, other then the one speech by Ryan where he indicated he could not kick the can down the street anymore, we had to act now. But then let’s see, the budget he proposed does not balance the budget, for……..28 years so how sincere was that?

The republicans came across as cowardly lions pandering to any minority they could identify, running what must be labeled a personality campaign (ie. Romney is NICE!!!) and did not address any of the real economic challenges and the painful solutions we face this election cycle. Oh Vey….. If this is what passes for the fiscally conservative party in America then the republic is truly dead

Added to that the rule changes during the convention, both to prevent Ron Paul from being nominated and the rule changes to essentially allow the central committee of the supreme soviet of the Republican party to preclude future grass root challenges to their power and the convention was a disaster for anyone who is an old time small government, fiscally and socially conservative republican.

A good start at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The deserve to lose and I say this as a “Anyone but Obama voter”

No, you sound like a Ron Paul voter to me, the same sort of person that would say "let's vote the worst person in."

I noticed something odd today and it took a minute to sink in. Take a look at this article: Obama plans to continue campaigning . Take a second look at the issues he's concerned about. Did you notice anything about jobs? That's what didn't sink in on the first read. It would seem to indicate that Obama has no interest in whether or not people can earn a living. I'm far more concerned about having a president interested in getting the economy moving than anything else on the agenda.
Mr. Sensitive, how many delegates has Mr. Paul won, vs. Mr. Romney?

Since when did winning the smaller number of delegates give a candidate the right to dictate the convention?

You and the other Paul supporters are closet Obama supporters, and fool no one.
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I don't like the procedural changes made at the RNC]. If they can silence one inconvenient non-establishment group, they can silence others. That's not a good thing in either major party.

Funny thing is, look at the TV ratings. Down 40% from 2008. The parties should be careful; the plebes just might stop listening.
The very deep worries of the electorate are not ill-founded.

Still, the way I look at this thing is that the convention was a sustained ad campaign designed to overcome the deep negatives imparted by the media and the Dems, and that policy will be discussed in the debates.

But aren't we collectively very insecure about our government's willingness and ability to deal with our problems?

In the meantime, Bernanke just doesn't rule out another QE, and oil pops again on top of really intimidating global economic news.

I think the younger voters, at least, are deeply attracted to Ron Paul because they no longer believe that the government has any solutions. They simply want the elites to stop trying to fix things.
Viewing is down because most people don't watch the mainstream media. The viewer ship of CSPAN isn't counted. I did watch a bit of it on tv, but watched most of the speeches on YouTube. Times have changed.
I liked Ron Paul, but was not a Ron Paul fan going into the convention. My objection to the rule changes was the method used, not any affinity towards Ron Paul. My comments were directed towards pandering shown by the Republicans towards women at the lowest possible level. Barf

That said, I guess a few days later that the real intent was to reach the so called moderate voters, who the republican see as ignorant of the real issues or personality based voters......which they may well be. What does that say about the republic?

In a republic facing a real financial crisis the superficial presentation style of the republicans was a real downer.

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