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Friday, September 28, 2012

History, Rhyming

This is a really fascinating article which you may not bother to read. It is linked on Drudge. It's about Golden Dawn (a nativist party in Greece) and the growing partnership between the party and the police, plus the party's emergence as a social welfare network. Only for the "right" people, of course.

I have been reading about Golden Dawn for some time. See this from early summer.  Note how quickly support is growing.

Wikipedia has a pretty good backgrounder if you've never heard of Golden Dawn.

Have you read Mish's occasional pieces on “Movimento 5 Stelle”?
TJ - I didn't know Mish had written about it, but I've been following the Italian moves with utter fascination. That's Beppe Grillo's group.

He's got an English-language blog now here.

The Italian MoVimento site, which is much better, is here.

American journalism is utterly useless, and established European journalism is not much better. You have to go to local newspapers and political sites and forums to find out what's actually happening.

"What has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done,
and there is nothing new under the sun."--Ecc. 1:9
Agree Maxedoutmama. You have to go to local sites.

I am new to your blog about a month actually and your posts are refreshing.

Maybe you can post some of the sites you visit to seek the truth.
One thing this tells me is that we better not cut back on all the free gringo money.
Most of my family lives in Greece. Roughly 10% of the population is now illegal immigrant. Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Africans sneek in from Turkey, hoping to make it into the EU. Then they get stuck (the Albanian and Serb coyotes needed to take them to Italy are world renowned for their ruthlessness and violence). So they settle in Greece. They place an enourmous burden on a collapsing social service system. No mainstream party will deal with the problem, and the EU border patrol, FRONTEX, is a catch and release joke, so eventually fringe groups pop up. The same will come to the US. Both Romney and Obama are in agreement on the big issues (free trade, government bailouts, overseas imperialism, immigration). Once we get our fiscal crisis, some fringe group will probably come to the fore-front. Such is life.

Krasting has a reasoned projection of what awaits us...

On The Cliff

Probably the best we can hope for.

Meanwhile, Panzner's suggesting the end of the Euro may be imminent.

Interesting times we live in.
off topic request for understanding:

My CPA friend’s firm had a speaker from the SF Federal Reserve Bank last week. The speaker said that QE3 would buy mortgage backed securities from Fannie and Freddie and pay for it with currency. The speaker said then Fannie and Freddie would buy more mortgages from the banks and pay with currency.

Is this true? Are they really buying directly from the Agencies. Perhaps the Agencies do not have bank accounts with the Fed for the Fed to credit with accounting entry created money so the Fed has to have currency printed up to pay for their purchases.

In the end, the new money can get trapped at the banks as currency in the vault is the same as reserves.

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