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Friday, September 14, 2012

Islam, Islam Ueber Alles, Ueber Alles In Der Welt

German and US embassies in Sudan attacked.
Friday prayers, you know? It sounds like the German embassy got it much worse than the US embassy:
Earlier in the day police fired tear gas to try to scatter some 5,000 demonstrators who had surrounded the German embassy and nearby British mission. But a Reuters witness said policemen stood by when the crowd forced its way into Germany's mission.

Protesters raised an Islamic flag saying in white letters "there is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet". They smashed windows, cameras and furniture in the German complex and then started a fire, witnesses said.
There is no G_d present but the I-Slam mob. What a nasty bunch of idiots.

Note: The Spiegel article has more info, presumably correct. They are saying it was a targeted attack and that the diplomats had expected it for days because the imams were calling for it.

Clearly we need to give Angela Merkel the Nobel peace prize immediately. On Thursday the Foreign Ministry in Khartoum sent a request to Merkel to ban demonstrations in Germany with Muhammed caricatures.  

Maybe the Germans will get back to the hard and yet satisfying job of being pre-1945 mind-set Germans again. Time for the Africa-Korps to go into action. I look forward to the very good march music that will result.

They need to get rid of Merkel to do this of course and elect a decent chancellor, someone with a bit of steel in their spine. I mean what could go wrong with that…..

Mr Sensitive-

So you're thinking maybe a "Strong Leader" type, who will ask the populace to bear with him while he does the hard and dirty work of removing the unfit-to-live-among-us types, promising at the end there will be lebensraum for all the Aryan volk, eh?

Y'know, German citizens who have suffered thru a decade or more of government indifference (while hostile, non-assimilating foreigners keep on immigrating and demanding that the culture change to accommodate them) might just be willing to back a fellow like that...
I was kind of joking, but if you look at the current crisis in Europe, where the only effective solution that all borrowers agree to is to place the bills coming due on the 80 million Germans. The debtors are in agreement; the Germans will raise their retirement age to 67, while in many of the other countries asking to be bailed out the retirement age is between 50 and 55 for those who are depending on government pensions. Now add to this that the high court of Germany seems to be allowing a Federal government commit the nation to this course without Parliament approving the inherent taxing and spending it will require, thus circumscribing the traditional control of the purse strings that German parliaments enjoyed going back to 1871. Now the Germans are being attacked by the religion of pieces……..….for what exactly no one knows, while the truth is most Germans are not exactly wild about the Turks and other co-religionists that live in the republic, least of which because of the high degree to which the second and third generations of these populations take advantage of the social benefits. Germany and Europe are on the edge of a outright depression.

Not a recipe for political stability. I am not advocating extremism, just pointing out that in European history the pattern for the Northern Europeans of Teutonic stock is to bend to such actions until sufficient pressure is built up, to the point that the population is no longer willing to bend any more. Then an economic down turn, like that of 1929 or the coming European recession, and bang the Germans are off to the races.

Doesn't this miss the point? By pouring petrobillion$ into the Middle East, we have helped to foment a movement that claims (truly or not) one third of the world's population and that is hell-bent on destroying the values and principles necessary for freedom and prosperity. This movement is close to getting the nuclear bomb, and two very large Asian powers see it as a useful tool against the West.

If the governments of Western nations, including especially the USA, do not quickly get surgery to reattach their heads in the correct place and orientation, we are opening the door to a generation-long war that will make WWII look like a schoolyard brawl, with possible deaths measured in the billions.
Highly regulated societies, especially extreme regulation of the lower 80%, seem to foment a lot of hatred. Doesn't matter if it is left-wing regulation or right-wing regulation. And when the hatred boils over the mob never calls for freedom, only the power to impose THEIR brand of regulation.
NJCommuter - as soon as a group adopts the "ueber alles" philosophy, it becomes dangerous.

People laughed at Hitler, rightly considering him an extremist loon. The failure to take what he represented about human nature seriously had tragic consequences.

I'm sitting here reading the news, thinking that the confrontation is coming up. DU is now censoring people who comment about the Australian problems with extremist Muslims.

It's amazing to me how passionate the sentiment on DU is about getting rid of free speech. Many of them are begging to surrender.

Agreed. The president and legislators who swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution are instead offering to surrender the First Amendment. Where is the ACLU? Where are the People for the American Way?

They hate real freedom more than they love their own version of freedom.

Our soldiers, navy sailors, marines, airmen, ... stand by their oaths with their lives, prepared to face every hardship and fear. Our politicians are craven cowards who don't know the meaning of the Constitution, or a Republic, or of an oath.

It's time to get some new ones.
Well, one thing missing today is Prussian militarism. That was a big, big factor in the willingness, even eagerness, of the Germans to get WW I going. And the Prussians still dominated the upper ranks of the Wehrmacht in the runup to WW II ( and might well have won it for Germany, if Hitler had not disregarded their advice).

Today's German culture is very different.
It's amazing to me how passionate the sentiment on DU is about getting rid of free speech. Many of them are begging to surrender.

Doesn't surprise me. I just think it's comical that more is made of some lame movie trailer on youtube instead of the more farcical video of the DNC's "voice-vote" resolving Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Broadcasting America's hypocrisy to the world.
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