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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now In Yemen?

Attack reported on US embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. No US casualties, apparently, but the report states that the Ambassador is being evacuated.

The virtual Yemen civil war has seen US involvement at the behest of the Saudis, so this is not that surprising. The south wants to split from the north and the Shia want some sort of autonomy. A powder keg of a country.


There's more to it than that. This appears to be part of a coordinated, planned assault. By whom and to what purpose I don't know.

"A powder keg of a country."

Or perhaps a "couple-of-quarts-of-unstable-nitroglycerine-stored-at-too-high-a-temperature" of a country ... and ditto for most of the rest of the Middle East.

This *IS* the true face of Islam: a thin veneer of "pretend" civilization (in order to lull the enemy into letting down his guard) pasted over 1300+ years' worth of "I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousins; my clan against our tribe; our tribe against the warlord; our warlord against the nation; our nation against all others; and ultimately all Islam against the rest of the world."

... And we can't summon the will to keep Iran from developing The Bomb.

Suicide of The West, indeed.


Expecting Muslims to behave according to the standards of Western Civ is like expecting monkeys to type the works of Shakespeare: it miiiight happen, given a long-enough timeline, but it wouldn't be intentional OR repeatable.

Neil - I think the Iranian issues may play a part, the Libyan thing must have been inside, and the later demonstrations and attacks are just from fuel thrown on a fire.

It's everything. If you want to put pressure on the US, the election campaign is the time to do it.
A_Nonny, we really do have an existential conflict with the older form of Islam. Can it mutate into a newer form? Very probably, but that would take a long time and would involve catastrophic failures and would proceed nation by nation. Thus, not without war and defeat.

You and I would have an existential conflict with the Christianity of the European Middle Ages, so it is not as if religions in society don't change. But the reality is that Islam's fixation on the Koran mandates something that is not compatible with workable civilization as the West has evolved it. Shariah and the West are enemies, and that is all there is to it.

Failure to be honest about that fact does not do us any favors.
Time for the U.S. to get out and leave behind a nuked-up Saudi Arabia.
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