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Friday, October 12, 2012

For The Sake Of Europe

We can only hope that the Nobel prize committee's powers of prophecy have improved from a few years ago. 

One would absolutely hate to have a reprise.

Sorry MOM. Instant replay is what you're going to get.
Thank you for those encouraging words, WSJ.

I'm watching the tragicomedy of the Greek negotiations. Everyone knows that debt isn't going to be repaid, but none of the creditors want to admit that, because as soon as they do then they fear that other bailout countries will want writeoffs.

As a recipe for peace and solidarity, it seems lacking.
They're making up for not awarding those involved in signing the Munich Agreement.
TJ, in all honesty, I'm having trouble getting over this one.

The Nobel Peace prize doesn't come from the Nobel committee. For historical reasons, the peace prize is awarded by the government of Norway. They have twice chosen to use the peace prize to reward/ puff up their pet fellow socialists.
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