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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'll Call It A Purgatory Downpayment

Unfortunately I find myself in the "Sandy" area, and I am preparing to be without power for a week. 

So blogging will resume whenever more normal life resumes. All my best and prayers to the millions who have to ride this one out.

Ugh. My sister (who is 34 weeks pregnant) and her husband had to decide what to do this weekend. Given that she's on bed-rest until the baby arrives, they're only 3 blocks from Brooklyn Hospital, not in an evac area, and their apartment building has a generator, they're staying put.

Still worrisome, though.

Stoke a fire in the wood stove, and don't hurt yourself helping the neighbors out, M_O_M. Good luck.
I'll pray for her and her husband, Neil. That truly sucks! Still, 3 blocks from a hospital is about as good as you get under those circs. NYC will handle this pretty well.

34 and trying to make it to the sacred 36 and a hurricane - what cruel tricks fate can play.


Thanks for your prayers. I talked to her this morning, and they've battened down the hatches. Plenty of water, ice, and duct tape. Hopefully the little chick decides to stay put for another two weeks.

And hopefully the subways don't flood.

Our prayers are with you, MOM.

BE careful, and you should be ok.

Sister and egg are doing fine. Didn't even lose power. Brooklyn is largely up on the heights, so they came out OK.

Hope you rode out the storm without difficulty--it seems Sandy decided to visit Pittsburgh rather than Oswego.

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