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Monday, December 03, 2012

Acute Tendonitis

Basically in the whole right arm now. I went and got a cortisone shot in the shoulder on Sat, and I am taking indomethacin to try to get the inflammation down. This leaves me a one-armed typist, and that doesn't mix with blogging. 

So it will be a while.

Your arm is trying to protect your brain from writing about MMT.

Superficial digital flexor tendon injuries are the most common cause of lameness in thoroughbred racehorses and a significant economic problem within racing. They cause many horses to be retired.

Are you feeling a bit horse? Our lame economy sure is. Ba-dum Ching! ;)

In all seriousness, here's hoping you experience a quick recovery.

Get well soon.

If I may humbly suggest a home remedy, juniper berries work great for inflammation. I like mine with a little vermouth and some olives and Bombay Sapphire is an excellent delivery vehicle. Vapor-infusing works better than liquid-infusing.

What works for me on inflamed body parts? Australian Dream, a cream available at Walgreen, Walmart, CVS, and online. I've tried many others (Capsaicin, Blue Emu, Aspercreme, Voltaren cream, etc.) without much help. This stuff, for some reason, works for me. Just two days ago my elbow was aching from too many tricep pushdowns at the gym. Pesky, it just didn't want to quit hurting. A dab of Australian dream on the elbow and 15 minutes later, the ache was gone.

Give it a try, MOM.
I think Who Struck John has it exactly right.
Thanks for the tips. This is not aching, however. It's literally screaming. Literally. When I dozed off occasionally, I woke up screaming. The pain was unbelievable.

I'll get some of that stuff, though.

Neil, how do you acquire your juniper berries?

At the packy, usually. Big blue bottle, Queen Victoria on the label. Can't miss it.

And I take it that you've tried Tiger Balm? We used to use it in the packing shed, as our hands got a lot of abuse wrapping pears. One packer had so much of the stuff on that it got on the box of pears and they had to pull it. Really reeked. I got a sample of it the other day, because the damp weather makes my hands hurt.
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