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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Want To Bear Richard Fisher's Cognitive Children

I am, let's face it, well past the point of bearing biological children.

Richard Fisher, Dallas FRB, The "John Henry speech". Read it. It has graphs and so forth. This is a ringing call to end the tyranny of the big banks. Here's a bit:
Why Protect the 0.2 Percent? 

 My team at the Dallas Fed and I are confident this simple treatment to the complex problem and risks posed by TBTF institutions would be the most effective treatment. Think about it this way: At present, 99.8 percent of the banking organizations in America are subject to sufficient regulatory or shareholder/market discipline to contain the risk of misbehavior that could threaten the stability of the financial system. Zero-point-two percent are not. Their very existence threatens both economic and financial stability. Furthermore, to contain that risk, regulators and many small banks are tied up in regulatory and legal knots at an enormous direct cost to them and a large indirect cost to our economy. Zero-point-two percent. If the administration and the Congress could agree as recently as two weeks ago on legislation that affects 1 percent of taxpayers, surely it can process a solution that affects 0.2 percent of the nation’s banks and is less complex and far more effective than Dodd–Frank.
The current setup is an utter disaster, and there is no way to escape from it but to end the federal support system for investment banking components. Commercial banking should continue to receive enhanced regulation and insurance, but investment banking must be split off and exposed to loss.


He's gonna be a steel-drivin' man?

Or perhaps you meant Patrick.

It was John Henry who introduced Fisher, and John Henry is the descendant of Patrick Henry.

Fisher went to college with John Henry. Read the speech.
What Fisher says is plain old common sense. I'm no banker, but I get the message quite clearly.

That is, of course, why it will get little traction in the halls of Congress or the Whitehouse.

As Lex always used to say, "It is to weep."
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