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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Starts

We all get treated to endless punditish dronings of horror over the fact that the Pope's a Catholic. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

They picked an Argentine….whose family happened to be Italian Immigrants. Clever….

Bet a few dollars when they check him out he happened to be very orthodox, which will cause no end of complaining by the usual suspects.

The pope is catholic, Fannie Mae is buying mortgages with only 3% downpayments....

Why should anything be different?


The only question is whether we rename the country Bubbleland or Crashistan.

Mr. Sensitive: He's a Jesuit. I figure him for a reforming conservative. Horrors! You got it in one.
Charles - Crashistan.
Mr. S - I think he's a conservative who is likely to beat the Curia into a little tighter shape. Probably not heavy-handed, but definitely firm on the basics.

So we squint our eyes and just wait for the eruption of journalistic shock? OMG, the Pope's NOT for gay marriage? Cue the screaming, running and scenes of mob pundit panic.
I did read today that he gave the local priests hell for turning away single mothers bringing their babies in to be baptized. At least I don't have to listen to Norah O'Donnell quiz everyone about the "secrecy" of the conclave any more.
Be interesting to read his first lecture.

Benedict gave the Regensburg lecture, which is worth reading and reading. Bit academic, but the theme is vital:

I guess Francis I will focus on inequality. Can't find his views on neoliberalism or liberation theology. Anyone?
ps. On Crashistan - Barry Ritholz is going with Bankistan.
MoM, since you can't find the time to write about MMT, perhaps making your blood boil will help you find the time.


Yes, I will pray to God to forgive me for this sin.
Can we vaporize the "Anonymous" at 5:37 am?
Hopefully people everywhere will see Cyprus as a wake up call.
TJ, hopefully that's not in the "life is a dream; wake up, time to die" sense.
Sorry, guys. I really am incredibly short on time, and doing the best I can.

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