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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is why you shouldn't sleep

So, I'm up late working on IT security stuff (long story), and this is the story I end up following:

There was like a shooting at MIT, two perps carjacked a cop car? Pursuit in Watertown, MA, now grenades. 

I quote:
If this isn't the bombers, but a separate incident, this is the most bananas f'ed up week in Boston since, roughly, the Revolutionary War.
Video, two suspects in custody now.

Well, on the slightly-positive side, at least it WASN'T two separate, unrelated instances of wanton violence in Boston.

But now our MSM is left with a different conundrum: dang, it wasn't those gun-crazy, Bible-thumping rednecks protesting Tax Day/ Patriot's Day after all. It was (!"unexpectedly"!) members of the minority we're not allowed to call violent, despite repeated demonstrations that a goodly number of them are. Hmmm. How to report on it without using the "M" word?

(And hmmm, again; do you suppose this will change the focus or intensity of the immigration-bill debate that's now under way?)
More justification for our burgeoning police state.

Shut down an entire city? Really?!?
A_Nonny - everyone's trying to make this "rational" somehow, but are these types of attacks ever really rational?

You don't know who you are going to hit, and obviously you don't care. Like the Rudolph Olympic bombing. He was supposed to be white supremicist. So does bombing mostly white people advance the cause?

People will use all sorts of justifications for their actions, but that doesn't mean they are honest.

I think they bombed the Marathon because there was a crowd and a lot of cameras and they thought it would make a big splash. Well, those cameras backfired on them big time.
I do think it has to have impacts on the immigration bill.

Which is insane, basically, because the last thing we need is a bunch of immigration when we already have a huge labor surplus. But there are things in the bill that would allow more dangerous people into the country, and I think the debate will be changed because of it.
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