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Friday, October 04, 2013

Cry For The Children!

Federal employee union spokepersons are engaging in self-satire at an astonishing rate:
Karen Buondonno, a drone researcher at the Federal Aviation Administration for 23 years, used to view her job as secure. That sense of safety has eroded, she said, a casualty of three furloughs since 2011. ... 

“It’s no job security,” said Lytle, who lives in Waukegan, Illinois, and took online classes and finished her bachelor’s of science degree in environmental management and policy earlier this year. She hasn’t been able to advance her career because of a dearth of openings, she said. “If you’re trying to do something, go into other fields, don’t go into a government agency, it’s not worth it.”
As opposed to the private sector, where everyone is guaranteed yearly raises, benefits, retirement, sick pay, and lifetime job security? But wait, there's more (H/T Small Dead Animals)
But lately, civil servants are more often castigated as overpaid bureaucrats. President Barack Obama sent a letter to federal workers on Tuesday lamenting that they have been treated as a "punching bag" and caught up in Congress's disagreements.

 Perhaps as a result, more and more dedicated civil servants are looking to leave government and find a job in the private sector.

 "Most people I know are looking for new jobs," said one Defense Department employee who requested anonymity to speak openly.
Won't they have a shock when they find out what wages and benefits have done in the private sector?  Median real household incomes in the private sector are falling hard, and government pay is bucking the trend for the nation. Even nominal median household incomes have only rebounded to about the GR highs (2008) (Sentier data):

Nor does this info depend on ideology - here's Ezra Klein on the topic.

It is not that I am happy that these people are experiencing worries and cash flow difficulties, but I am awed at the complete idiocy of what they are claiming - that the federal government will be deprived of their brilliance due to a desperate escape into the private sector in search of rising wages and long-term security. 

There is a problem in DC, and what we are seeing here exemplifies it.

Long term, one can have higher pay and benefits or one can have job security. This is regardless of employer. All gravy trains have a caboose.

I really don't have empathy for anyone living in delusions.
Obama commiserates that federal workers are being treated "like a punching bag", while he and the obstructionist Senate Dems are the ones doing the punching?

= The NEW definition of chutzpah.

(The old definition was: a kid kills his parents and at the trial begs the court for leniency "because after all, I'm an ORPHAN".)
"A young colleague left for Amazon.com Inc. after being forced to take time off earlier this year"

Ha, she thinks Jeff Bezos guarantees lifetime employment?
IF they can find a private employer that'll take them, they'll discover they actually expect a work ethic.

Talk about shocked and surprised.
I listened to one family on the news, whining about not being paid for five whole days. "The bills just keep coming" said the wife. I thought, well maybe you should try unemployment for awhile. Because with unemployment, you go a whole week with no money and then you get 60% of what you were making (with a cap working out to about $14 an hour here.)

17% of the government shut down and you'd think we are unable to wipe our butts without them.
Teri, it'll get tricky when they confiscate all uninspected toilet paper just to prove the point.
If there is anything that has been shown about this furlough, it's that government workers are totally unprepared for any delays in their paychecks. It would be nice if this convinced them that saving is a good idea. Somehow, I doubt that they will get the message.
It is odd. The tales of harrowing hardships emanate from DC, but as it turns out we are paying them extra vacation, so....

One fails to weep. One fails to mourn.

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