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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Non Nobis Domine

I had decided my time would be better spent in prayer than blogging; my conscience tells me that we were graced in a time of difficult choice.

Not a time for boasting or wrath. I think that Thiel expressed it best:
Peter Thiel, the Facebook director and venture capitalist who struck a contrary chord in this liberal stronghold by backing Donald Trump, congratulated Trump's surprise win of the U.S. presidential election by saying "we're going to need all hands on deck." 
  "He has an awesomely difficult task, since it is long past time for us to face up to our country's problems," he said in a statement to USA TODAY

I'm glad to know you're still among us!

Trump made quite a conciliatory victory speech, and I suppose it would "look bad" to now go after her for her next-to-treasonous "inexcusable carelessness" (hah!) in handling State Secrets. I suppose the best we can hope for is that the Clinton Family Crime Foundation dries up and blows away now that She is NOT "The State" (as in, "L'etat c'est moi") and can't shower Taxpayer Money and/or US Govt Contracts upon the hostile-to-USA entities who bribe her Foundation.

Let's hope, indeed, for some national healing.
We can only hope.

The Chief contracted a dire illness, and we have been in more medical facilities for the last five months than I can count. It has been rough.

This election only offers us the hope of beginning to address our very real problems to create a better future. That's better than no hope, but certainly it isn't a road paved with gold.

A "special providence", indeed. Let's hope we don't misuse the opportunity.

I will pray for you both then. I hope he's doing better and you can get on with your lives soon.
Welcome back MoM. Hope you and the Chief are with us for many more decades.

I always loved that scene. You know you're missed.
... and M-O-M, a special prayer has been sent up for The Chief's health (and for your stamina to be replenished).
I had assumed that your absence was related to the Chief's health. Prayers ascending. (For the last several months.)

"Non nobis" is, indeed, appropriate. ("Not to us") I still want to see the Clintons prosecuted, forty years overdue. The history of corruption, extending back to Arkansas A.G. days, is a deep river of poop. Rooting out corruption is not at all limited to prosecuting the Clinton Crime Family, but that would be a normal part of the overall process. Somehow skipping over them would be unnatural.

I am also disturbed by the number of people so thoroughly manipulated by the media. I would never say that DJT is a stellar character. However, that raaaaacism crap only appeared when he was nominated. He was never a racist when he was supporting Jesse Jackson, or photographed with Rosa Parks, or breaking up a de facto housing segregation scheme in Florida. The sexual predation also appears bogus, but racism and sexual predation appear very large in the nightmares of young Democrats. These evil lies are meant to distract from honest discussion of issues, a discussion which would be likely to go in a way uncomfortable to the Left.

Michael Adams
I am more moved than I could ever express by your prayers. The country needs them too.

It looks like the Chief is going to come through pretty well. He had a very confusing and astonishingly rare condition which was turning rapidly lethal, and the only possible treatment course (without a confirmed diagnosis) was one which required withdrawal of all heart meds. Seemingly lethal, but otherwise, lethal. It was kind of a question of bullet or poison? We said our prayers, held hands, and walked through the valley of the shadow of death with considerable stoicism.

Since we were mutually staring into the abyss, our thoughts naturally turned to the next generation. Everyone hopes to leave a better world for their children, and ALL the children.

I can't give details about his situation, because it is so rare that it will certainly be the only such case diagnosed in the US this year. Nor could I blog about it, because he deserves his privacy, and giving any details would destroy his.

I have only been able to find seven other cases such as his documented in the world. And none in the US. Carrying my research, the Chief and I marched through numerous medical facilities confusing just about everyone we encountered. But it looks like we are winning his battle, and this condition simply cannot be as rare as people claim it is. It is just not being diagnosed. So I hope that others will be helped by his difficulties.

I didn't do this on my own, nor did he, nor did SuperDoc. I was guided through by the Light at every step. Thank you for your prayers. They were needed.

I think the country is in a comparable situation, and prayers are needed. People are confused; they do need help and guidance and comfort; they need healing and hope.

The Chief told me last summer that Trump had been selected by God to bring us through. The Chief deeply believes this, and so do many of his friends (a rather diverse group). But pray for Trump and other leaders, the country, the world and guidance.

We are astonishingly close to World War. Even if it were not for the corruption, Hillary Clinton just was not the person who could deal with this situation.

God takes care of fools, drunks, and the United States of America. May it always be so.
Sorry to hear of the Chief's travails...glad that things are looking up. We'll keep him in our prayers.

Agree that the country will likely need some divine intervention as well, but it feels like the liberal monoculture that was threatening to smother everything in the country has been pushed back, at least for the moment. Let's hope we can keep it at bay going forward.
It's odd that you would say that about Trump. I read from so many people that were praying for him and his family. People were praying that God would give us one more chance to turn things around. I do think it mattered. I can't imagine that Hillary had many folks praying for her. If they don't get the protests/riots under control soon, we may still face civil war.

Just to let you know, I got my husband off his verapamil! He went through a bout of leaky legs which scared him half to death. We used tumeric and I put him on Standard Process's Cardio Plus. Also got him on magnesium and a few other supplements. They had him wear a heart nonitor for 24 hours and said his afib is okay and he could stay off the meds. They did nothing last year when I asked them about the condition of his legs. This year they said "oh we have other meds we can give him". I'm still angry about it. They would have been happy to let him lose circulation in his legs and become disabled.
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