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Friday, December 03, 2010

Major Mood-Altering Stimulus Discovered

Occasionally Shrinkwrapped, for example, will write on the problems with medical research, as in this post.

Well, here's a joyous excursion into that realm. Why you should make sure your infant smokes weed. No, it's real!!! Also it's really good if you smoke weed while you're pregnant. Wonderful. Cannabis is good medicine! And a great additive to baby food!

Some foolish persons might wonder if the source of funding (a medical marijuana funding group) might have something to do with the conclusions. Well hah! The researcher is the dean of nursing at the University of Iowa. She MUST KNOW.

DU is very excited about this discovery. There is something about pot which makes people very, very credulous.

So if you are depressed, read the links and laugh. If you find yourself believing this stuff, report to the Shrink for treatment. SuperDoc is already full up with recovering addicts.

Smoke'm if you got'm ?

Having grown up in California in the 60's and 70's I am familiar with the long term effects of the evil weed. While undoubtedly safer than feeding babies oxycontin or cheap vodka( no overdoses) I don't think this is a good idea.I don't think ANY drugs are good for small children. And yes I am in favor of legalization for a variety of reasons,even though I wouldn't touch the stuff unless I was on chemo and puking my guts out at the mere thought of food.Idiots.
"29. Im not one to dose my kids (with anything)

but damn if that's not an intriguing idea. My kids are the pickiest eaters in the history of four year olds. If it's not chicken, oatmeal, or potato product, they almost always refuse to eat it.

Anyone in the Spokane, WA, area have some weed I could buy?"

That hits a bit close to home. Literally. My mom lives in Spokane, lol. No joke.

Other than that, I share Tom's thoughts. I am in favor of legalization and I too wouldn't touch the stuff any more than I did in college. My friends did but alcohol seemed to have a much larger effect on them.

In fact, excessive alcohol can lead to back pain. Here's the proof.

One day I put my friend's shoe under his thin dorm mattress. He slept on it. The next day he told me that he had a backache and he couldn't find one of his shoes. I told him that I thought the two facts might be correlated. He immediately realized what I had done, lol.

So what's the moral of the story? Correlation doesn't necessarily imply causation. ;)
Mark - now if only you could get that across to the Fed....
Yes, let's emulate Jamaican society! It's not like they have any social problems over there or anything....
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