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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Burning Some Insense

With a sensation of startled joy, this morning I discovered Canada's Work Less Party. Once again, it seems to be based in British Columbia. Their platform is here, and contains a few main planks.
Here is the problem:
Last month, in a report to the G8 summit, a task force of British, American, and Australian climatologists gave this grim assessment: If we do not radically change course, in just ten years global warming on a catastrophic scale will become inevitable and unstoppable. If we continue on the course we are now on, by the time your children are your age, life on this planet will be difficult and scary. By the time your grandchildren are your age, their lives will take place against the backdrop of a real-life disaster movie.
Fear not - the Work Less Party has the solution!
We have come to a fork in the road. Either we embrace now that Age of Leisure the futurists have so long talked about, or we have no future. We in the Work Less Party invite you to help us make the rat-race HISTORY.
Personally, I think this one's a winner, especially if they manage to unite with the Marijuana Party and kill off all those nasty expensive old people warming up the planet. Better days surely lie snoozing just around the bong or is that the bend?

I'll campaign later. For now I'm going back to bed. I'll see you later, slacker. If you must persist in staying awake and warming up the planet, you could spend some time reading the truly inspiring stories section of the Work Less Party's website:
The siesta enjoying citizens of Cuba get by on a fraction of our hedonistic proflagate consumer spending. Granted, they are not living the miller high life....but, their basic living needs are meet. Corporate media advertising hasen\'t eroded their sense of balance towards being frugal, and not living beyound one\'s means. Good organic food, good expresso, good conversation, taking public transporation, and not being beholding to the corporate bankers via the plastic credit card....isn\'t that a close to normal life?? Take alook around the world....
billions of people live in poverty...yes....but billions of people live a gentle life of working hard and relaxing...and enjoying family life....without the burden of student debt...and the \"I must shop and continually go into debt\" mentality of our american society....
The change in our lifestyles is coming...for better or worse. Begin the gradual change in your own life by backing off and asking questions. Try deep think with alot of introspection and thought. Burn some insense and sip some green tea while you ponder our current box we humans find ourselves in.
I'll be burning some insense in my bed, wondering why all those Cubans keep trying to get into the US, and why all their relatives in the US keep sending them money. Don't they know that the Cubans are the ones who are truly blessed with the good life, free public transportation, excellent espresso and organic food?

'Full employment, achieved by limiting the work week to 32 hours'

With France going back to the 40 hour work week the Canadians will never go for it.
Yes, and the joke is that French unemployment remained high!
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