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Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Update - Gulfport Hit Hard

I hope Boomr and his parents went to one of the shelters. The Mercury News has a good article, beginning w/ New Orleans:
Katrina's core roared very close to the below-sea-level city of 485,000 people, slamming eastern sections with one edge of its destructive eye wall. Winds of 100 mph rocked the area. Its storm surge and torrential rain submerged vast regions, with 40,000 homes flooded in St. Bernard Parish alone.

Moreover, it pummeled 270 miles of coastline across four states, striking particularly hard at Gulfport, Miss.

Pat Sullivan, Gulfport's fire chief, said downtown buildings were ''imploding'' and the business district was largely under water. ''It's complete devastation,'' he said.
See the site for a picture of Gulfport with a boat in the middle of Hwy 80.
Previous posts about Gulfport here and here. SunHerald (Gulfport) blog here.

I hope boomr is OK.
There is no cell phone service, I believe. Dingo has tried QATERN, the emergency radio network.
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