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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Please Tell Me I'm Delirious

In less than twelve hours last week, the flu changed me from a hard-driving, achievement-oriented human being to an amorphous blob of quivering flesh huddled under the covers. Imagine my blob-like horror when I encountered the Democratic National Security plan.

I'm hoping I'm hallucinating. (Update: Pedro says I'm not. That's it - I'm going back under the covers.) Tell me the new Democratic national security plan doesn't declare war on a number of countries? We'll take it from Mr. Howdy-Doody looking Nimrod himself, Marion Berry's official web document giving the details:
Destroy Terrorist Networks

* Eliminate Osama Bin Laden, destroy the al Qaeda terrorist network, and end the threat posed by the Taliban
* Double the size of our Special Forces and increase investment in intelligence
* Seize all loose nuclear materials by 2010 that terrorists could use to build nuclear weapons or "dirty bombs"
Let's see. I believe that commits us to invade large hunks of the former Soviet Union (now several different countries), establish control over the entire Korean Peninsula, knock off Iran, and establish a hegemonic control over Pakistan. Oh, yes. Nigeria. I'm sure I've missed a few. But that's just to "seize all loose nuclear materials by 2010". Destroying the al Qaeda terrorist network would require establishing full control over the financial networks of over a dozen Muslim states. Somehow I don't think that doubling the size of our Special Forces is adequate. Nor is there any explanation of how to pay for this. See my prior post on the budget here. Scroll halfway down and look at the historical shift between military spending and entitlement spending. Something's got to give.

As Nancy says, "We can better do!" than to vote for this. Is the national Demagogic leadership permanently high? And more to the point, what is floating their boats? Is it crack? A carefully balanced mixture of Paxil and meth? The country needs to know.

It is funny that the Democrat is advocating global imperialism. I also find it funny that they talk about double the size of the Special Forces. In 2004, Kerry proposed the same thing while I was in Iraq, and the whole chow hall in our base had a good laugh. Special Forces do not grow on trees, it takes years to train one soldier - and most of them do not make the cut. Every soldier want to be in Special Forces. But out of 100 soldiers who tried, only one made it.

I feel sad for the Democrats. If they have a clue, they would know that we have reached the maximum number of Special Forces we can have.
The Golden chances for the Democrats to regain their majorities in the legislative branch are rapidly being scuttled by the stupid pieces you have reproduced here. The GOP has obviously been in power too long, they are in need of an ass kicking, but it ain't gunna happen unless some of those slugs lose a primary or two.
Minh-Duc, we probably could expand the Special Forces somewhat if we doubled the size of the military - and waited 10 years. But I think Howard had a recent article about only 25% of high school kids meeting the basic recruiting requirements.

I don't feel sad for the Democrats. I feel terror for the military forces when I read something like this. The Dem leadership that could come up with something like this doesn't know anything about the military and doesn't have any respect for the military. I don't want to think about what would happen if we handed control over the military to these idiots.

I'm really upset.
Howard, it seems like a fight between incompetencies, doesn't it? But how can I vote for Dems in national offices without feeling like I betrayed the troops? After this I don't think I will be able to.

Very scary.
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