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Friday, May 05, 2006

Beer Drinking Canucks - Armed And Dangerous

I think we should take this seriously. I posted recently about a DU thread in which the consensus of DU seemed to be favorable toward an invasion of the US by Canada, the UN or some other enlightened power who would restore their sacred civil rights to congregate in public and smoke marijuana. For example, one poster volunteered to greet the Canadian liberators with fresh-baked muffins and rose petals. Such is their martial fervor.

On my post I noted that we needed to watch Darcey of Dust My Broom carefully. See, you might be laughing about the idea of Canada invading the US, but there are two Canadas just as there are two Georgias. Toronto is not a threat - the average Ladies' Social Club in south GA could conquer Toronto in a few days. We have guns; Toronto doesn't.

The Canadians living in the wide open spaces are a threat. If the guns buried out there could germinate there would be rifle farms galore. Darcey left a comment on my original post to the effect that he found DU's position "fascinating". Now what do I encounter at Dust My Broom? They are drinking beer, muttering stuff about American draft dodgers and discussing sniper rifles. And those in the provinces have reason to be irked because of the softwoods deal.

The invasion has begun.
The general public just haven't noticed yet.

Our forces are not in Afghanistan, they're in North Dakota as we speak!

We're armed, drunk, & dangerous!
Canuckistan looms!

Don't forget - marijuana for everyone!

PS: Don't eat the muffins.
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut -- snarky cartoon musical or Gift of Prophecy?
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