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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Class Differences

.Florida Cracker thinks Cindy's Sheehan's diet isn't working:
At least she got to enjoy a night out with gal pals Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin.

Looking at the pic, I think Cindy's fasted long enough, don't you? Smiles and laughter aside, she now has the bloated belly of a starving Ethiopian child.
I said it first, but Florida Cracker always says it better. Plus, the picture!

And speaking of saying it better, The Anchoress points us to a man who can call 'em like God sees 'em - the Pope, who is quoted as saying:
Pregate anche per i terroristi perchè non sanno che fanno del male non solo al prossimo, ma prima di tutto a loro stessi.
La vita contemplativa e ricca di carità apre il cielo all'umanità che ne ha bisogno perchè oggi nel mondo sembra quasi che non ci sia Dio. E dove non c'è Dio c'è la violenza e il terrorismo.
In English it goes something like "Pray for terrorists also, because they are unaware of the wrong they do not just to their neighbors, but first and foremost to themselves. ...

"The life devoted to contemplation and enrichened by charity opens heaven to all humans in this God-deprived world. And where God is not, there are violence and terrorism."

Pope Benedict XVI was visiting a Carmelite convent while on vacation. He's also writing a book about Christ, Christianity and their relationship to other world religions.

I might be mistaken, but since starting her fastm Cindy's chest seems to have gotten larger.

I see celebrity endorsements, soon.
She might be one of these lucky women in whom the ice cream shows up in the bust first. I'm one of those who loses weight there first!

But you're right. There has to be commercial potential in this somewhere. Dieting is big business.
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