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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What The Lord Hath Given....

Update: For an example of the effect of the public derision of men has on a real, live person, please see The Anchoress' post and comments regarding her son. He deserves better. End update.

Thank you, Howard!

This is a followup to the post I wrote about an excellent, excellent post by Fausta, touching on the always riveting topic of men and women, in which Fausta expresses her belief that men have it somewhat difficult nowadays. Beth of MVWRC provided the perfect illustration of one of Fausta's points, which was:
Factor #2 is what I call the Sex and the City syndrome: the assumption that the only reason for men's existence is to pleasure women. The 4 women in S&TC certainly spend most of their air time using men (I did a related post a while ago) for that purpose and that purpose only. And in real life, too, there are many such women, probably a lot more now than there were a generation or two ago.

The end result is that many women nowadays won't want to find intimacy.
Yes. They don't want intimacy because they're afraid of falling in love with a man. They just aren't tough enough to take the risk, and if they do form a long-term relationship, they often deliberately do with a man who isn't worth it, to provide themselves with a psychological out. In this particular case, this lady is also afraid to be a mother, yet somehow envious of women who are. If she weren't, she wouldn't feel the need to emote about the stupidity of women who are mothers.

Now look at Ace of Spades' riff on the Beth find, and contemplate one such woman. You will laugh, and if you're a woman, you'll wince a bit. Every single point Fausta made is illustrated in Ace's post, along with a man's rightful reaction to it. First, you have no business advertising your brilliance in bed in terms that seem to indicate that you are into sex for sex' sake and then falling on your fainting couch when men want to take you up on it, as Ace points out with his easy lay comment. Then she caps it all off with a queen bee "I need you all to cool it."

Good golly, Miss Molly! Read Fausta's post, if you haven't read it, and then read Ace's post, and pick up this post of Beth's on some of this "lady's" attitudes. If you have a particle of sense you'll figure out that the object of their scorn has serious insecurity problems, and is coping with them by running down other people, including men.

I meant what I said about women not being able to be honest about what they want, and then taking out their unhappiness and insecurity on men.

the Jackie post is almost like a parody.
Tragically not!
ouch, MOM! I can't help but feel really bad for the girl...you are right on with your assessment that she is deeply insecure; it feels a bit mean to take her down so thoroughly.
Some women are thinking it the man's way. If men are all for sex only relationships, then what's to stop women from wanting the same. For years, women have always been on the losing end. they simply can't find men who are good enough for them. They get hit at, yelled at, impregnated and abandoned. I heard that it's the men now who are suffering.
Anniebird - yes, she's trapped in a firly brinkmire. But note the extreme defensiveness of her posture, and consider the men with whom she interacts. I would bet anything this woman could be quite happy. Happiness is worth the trouble of taking a hard look at yourself.

Please note also her extreme deriviseness towards others. Seriously, look at Beth's post.
Corina - if women want to play that game then they have no business blaming men if they don't like it.

The essence of feminism was liberation, which must involve taking responsibility for your choices. Really, really read Ace's takedown.

This is not about "men" and "women". It's about individuals. Persons. Persons making their own choices. Persons who ought to be empowered but who keep shifting the responsibility for the results of their own choices onto other, outside forces, and by doing so, lose control over their own lives.
This post is an absolute sleeper- it really does get better the second time around.

Thanks for the heads up to Beth's posts.
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