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Monday, November 21, 2005

Confirmation: 300 Humans Dead From Bird Flu In China

FAZ is reporting on a retirement party for a doctor, at which Dr. Mashato Tashiro (virologist) discussed the Boxun report and claimed to have gotten the same report from an undisclosed Chinese colleague during his visit to China for WHO. He accuses the Chinese government of engaging in a widespread coverup.

This thread in CurEvents contains commentary and a rough English translation of the article, as well as other relevant articles. China already has quarantine units set up for bird flu victims and announced sanctions on individuals and medical authorities who did not use them.

The chicken droppings are hitting the fan.

For you investors, companies which are highly dependent upon sales in China and Asia may experience much lower than expected sales in the the coming year. China is not succeeding in containing the virus and is going to resort to quarantine. The unofficial report (supposedly a Chinese government document) also states that human to human transmission appears to be occurring. The SARS crisis caused a big drop in sales in China.

I am also reminding you that Indonesian health care workers claim that they are getting infected from bird flu victims. This is moving toward H2H transmission. It is not pandemic yet, but it does appear highly likely that it will be.

Best bird flu cartoon on the Internet right now can be found at the MommyCool parenting news Web site. Just look at what will stun the nation!
Implications are stunning.
Things are going to be difficult, for sure.
iFlu.org has an alternative translation of the article at http://www.iflu.org/?p=10457
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