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Friday, December 07, 2007

By Popular Request

I have heard your plaintive requests stemming from SC&A's Imagine There's No Heaven. I have actually posted quite a bit on feminism of the modern fainting couch variety. I don't know what post he is referring to, but here I took issue with the menus and the reading matter, here I worried about Testacles, I was stricken with horror that the only tactic modern feminist Harvard professors are able to deploy against arguments they dislike is the fainting couch, here I insisted that men do have souls, and then there are the Vagina Monologues. You have to read the whole series. I find it very insulting to be told to walk around pretending that I am my vagina, and if I were in college and were subjected to this, I'd probably leave.

Thank you Mama, I'll do some reading here. I appreciate you digging these back up! :-)
There will be no equality until there is a series of stage plays entitled "The Testicle Testaments." Chapter One: "Here hold my beer and watch this."
MOM i think mine are Testicles.Having run across academics of this stripe I can only say that they are among the most fearful people I have ever met.Many are walking parodies,terrified of anything that smacks of reality.Having never been exposed to good sense or courage of any sort they lack perspective.6 months volunteering at Walter Reed would do wonders for them.
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